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tired, tired, tired

it as so fucking hard to get up this morning. i felt all puffy and i had a headache. the, i went o get some coffee and the headache went away. this kinda concerns me because i don't want to be dependent on anything to wake up in the morning. and i remember seeing this 20/20 special about people being addicted to coffee and getting headaches when they didn't have it. or going through withdrawal. granted, they had 15 cups a day and i have only 1, but i worry about these things...
had an awesome meeting with my theapist yesterday. she is so fucking cool. i am so glad she's feeling better...
i'm going to a play this evening with lesley. makes me swoon just a little bit. he got these free tickets and asked me on a date. for some reason, when i said that in my head, i used a teasing voice. i spend too much of my time with kids under the age of 5...
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