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cat allergies

i seriously love this cat that hangs out with me at work. he's so cute. and he wants to get in on everything i do. my boss doesn't give him any attention, so once i started to, he's all over it. it makes it hard to type or make copies someti,es because he's very curious. he tries to put himself wherever my hands are at all times. so cute. and my allergies are actually okay...
gonna go out with james and possibly alex tonite to the bar. that should be pretty fun. i am working my ass off today from 10 to 8. Working a party from 5 to 8 for mad money. i'm kinda excited for that...
applying to school again is fun. i haven't started the financial aid process yet, so that may be why. it's kinda hard to imagine that i may be living out in the bay again in 9 months, but i am excited to go wherever. i just wanna get out there and mix it up in a seminary fashion. it's gonna be so sweet...
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