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feeling tired

it's hard to get back into the swing of things especially since it's gonna be a short week. after a long weekend, i just get used to being out of work and want to stay that way. we have a conference starting thursday which is going to involve 2 half days for me. exciting...
i can't help but feel undermined by the men i work with. one of them feels like he knows everything and it's hard to work with someone like that. he's always correcting his wife, who we work with. it's kind of ridiculous for a dude who says he's not a chauvanist...
just a little worried about the process of applying to seminary. i need two more letters of recommendation and i am pretty sure jahwara is not going to write one of them. it makes me sad. i wish i had been a better student in undergrad. which is exactly ho i felt when i entered college about high school. the past can't be changed. i have to focus on the future and who i can ask to write me one of these...
gonna go see my therapist tonite. i am happy that we are together again regularly. she makes me feel productive. and i usually leave with a good feeling in my chest...
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