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this cat at work is trying to kill me. he doesn't know it and he's so sweet. but i am dying a slow, catty death. i don't blame him for wanting to come up here. he's always being attacked downstairs by the little kids, strangling with love...
i am trying to take a new approach to discipline with these kids so as not to encourage shame or hurt feelings. my co-worker is going to be some trouble. he's always yelling at them for the smallest things. it's just way too ut of control...
i am going to have to cave in and buy microsoft office. i was plannng on coming in and bootlegging it from my boss today, but she only has microsoft frontpage. and i never plan on editing a website again as long as i live. but damn that shit is expensive. it will involve a lot of creative budgeting on my part. but i can't lose my essays to get into seminary and this is the only way i can do that...
i'm feeling so spiritually inspired lately. it feels good to be back in that mindset sgain. gearing myself up for the four years ahead of me. it's like everything around me has some spiritual content or message that i need. and i am led to wonder if these things were there all the time and i just didn't see them...
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