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not feeling so hot today. i have period cramps. my microsoft office won't install. i don't really want to play with kids. i sat in traffic for a while. i couldn't early vote in the primaries because a cop was right there while i was trying to illegally park. things just aren't going my way...
but it's alright because i think i'm just gonna go home and relax. it's what i did last night. but i am in hibernation mode. i made plans with amanda to chill, but she hasn't called me. it will have to be postponed til tomorrow. especially since it's so cold outside right now. so very cold...
i rediscovered sewing. i hadn't done it in quite a while. i love to sew. it's so soothing. and i like being able to look at the final product and thingk to myself about how i did that all by myself...
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