Operative Smee (itslanecampbell) wrote,
Operative Smee

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cough, cough

still a little sick, but i couldn't miss another day of work. sometimes when i cough, it sounds like a dog barking...
just got back from a fabulous lunch with meaghan. she's having a kinda rough time. i think i will try to spend more time with her...
i am coming to the realization that my meadville lombard application is going to have to be turned in tomorrow and i have spent the last 2 days without evening opening my laptop. tonite, i have to kick it into high gear. and then drop it off in person tomorrow afternoon. i am so under prepared for applying and so mentally ready to get back into school and get that dream career back on track...
i feel really gay lately. like more than before. almost too gay. but not really....
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