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Lookin up...

my day just got a thousand times better with a good old fashioned meeting about discipline. it was totally positive and really validating to my new approach to dealing with some of the issues my kids are having. then, my mom just called and said she sent me some money and i am so broke. she is so fucking sweet. and i didn't even ask this time...
for the past few days, i have been grumpy. it may be due to the start of my first period in 2 or 3 months. or my getting sick for an entire week. or all the business with my grad school applications. or being broke because i am going to the bay from march 24-30. whatever the cause, my grumpiness has been reduced to a mild case...
and just in time for theapy this afternoon. i am excited to see mandy. and i am on my way to do art classes with about 10 kids or so..
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