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i am just feeling ridiculously lazy today. i think i need a nap or something. my eyelids are already getting heavy just thinking about it...
i forgot my book at work today. and it really frustrates me because that is what i have to occupy my time on my break. i'm reding the mists of avalon and it is amazing. i have only gotten through the first hundred pages, but I know i'm gonna read the rest of the series. somehow, it seems i have lost my ability to rewad through long ass books real quick. maybe this one is just really dense. i need to take a little time to absorb it all...
i was trying to think of a sermon topic in which i could tie in my knowledge of science fiction and fantasy books written by women. maybe something about operating in a man's world and what we as women need to do to hold our own. maybe something about healthy escapism, but i wonder if that only speaks to my own experience. maybe using the books i have read as fuel for creative inspiration. either way, i am gonna deliver a sermon about women sci fi writers someday...
it is fucking cold outside right now. my friend was talking to day about how she went down to atlanta this past weekend. and of course, my mind turned to my vacation and how awesomely warm it will be in the bay compared to here come march. i wish it was tomorrow that i was going...
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