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fucking yay!

i've been feeling awesome this week. it's time for me to shine and celebrate right now..
got into seminary on monday. i went for my interview with a commitee of 4 and worked it. my mind went blank at times, but i had fun. considering that 1 of the committee members is a top professor at meadville lombard and 1 of them was elka, from the old YRUU days. it has made me excited about my future and becoming a minister. the application process is really not that fun...
and i just found out i have another interview this evening. i had to postpone plans that I had made for tonite until friday. but i think it's better to put things off with a friend rather than with this interview. and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna rock it tonite. the second interview should be better since the nerves were all wasted during the first one...
i'm doing this new thing where i intentionally live my life for myself. it's hard to break that habit of living for others, but i feel so much better. i have been going way to long attempting to please and give to everyone else around me. it's nice to do things that are just for me. it feels really empowering...
oh my goodness thank god the sun is out right now. his winter has been too harsh...
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