Operative Smee (itslanecampbell) wrote,
Operative Smee

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not feeling so hot

i just feel kinda sick. i have a sore throat and a warmness around my eyes. I have been phlegmy. it's not a good sight at this point...
and i'm a little depressed. this week hasn't gotten off to a good start. the weather turned back to bad. i have been irritable. our friends left town...
i had a weird dream last night that i was at my mother's house with my family. a stray cat and a rat came in. and my mother decided to take them in. every time i saw that rat, i screamed. at one point, there was a claymation-style dialogue between the cat and the rat under the couch. the rat was all scarred up. and then my mom went to feed them with what looked like meat infused motza balls. it was really strange...
maybe i just started the day on the wrong foot with that bizarre dream...
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