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i have a ton of preparation to do to go and preach in CT this weekend. the sermon is almost finished and most of the service is smoothed out. the only part i have left to write from scratch is the benediction, which can be done any old time. the preparation lies mostly in my spirit. getting ready to hang out with tons of family members and friends and in the midst of it all, to preach a sermon connecting me to a community and the divine. it takes a lot out of me. i am so fucking excited for it as well. my message is solid and i've been able to stew over it and think about it for too long. it is time now and i still have 3 days to go...
so much nostalgia lately. i am so reminiscent in my mind while trying to be present in the present..
this seminary shit is tough stuff and slowly, i am starting to get the hang of it. and then when i think i have a grasp, something else comes up and throws me off...
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