Operative Smee (itslanecampbell) wrote,
Operative Smee

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sick, sick, sick

that's totally how i fell. my throat is swollen and phlegmish. and i just feel all around not energized. tonite, i'm gonna go home and rest up. probably drink some theraflu, since it cures everything instantly...
got some application shit together today to go to seminary. i was looking at the classes offered at some of these schools. i want to go to every one at harvard. they all seemed wicked cool. and i looked at starr king as well and i want to go to most of their classes. it's gonna be a tough choice. now, i just to get scott warren to call me back or write me about whether or not he'll give me a letter of recommendation...
i was having a really hard time of it last night. but i needed to come to some realizations about myself. to look at mself honestly. and that felt good. i felt like hell when i was going through it. self-realization can be really fucking difficult, but necessary. i need to figure out who i am...
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